The Odin Project is an open-source platform where people learn to code using the industry’s best practices. I joined the community late 2018 and have been contributing to the curriculum’s repository since. Check out some of my projects below.

Hogwarts Hangman

Demo | Github

I put a twist on this word guessing game to include words from our favorite wizarding world. The CLI application highlights the use of serialization via JSON allowing users to save their games and the words are pulled from an external text file. The web version of this game is hosted on Heroku and has a simple UI showcasing my use of RESTful API and the Sinatra framework.

Generic Blogger

Demo | Github

My first foray in the world of Rails. I built a generic blogging site to learn the basics of the Model View Controller framework.

Mastermind, the Game | Github

After learning object-oriented programming I played around with the concepts of class and inheritance by building two command line games, one of which is featured here.


Demo  |  Github

The challenge was to create an etch-a-sketch to practice DOM manipulation. Etch-a-sketch reminded me of Itchy-and-Scratchy. Being a huge Simpsons fan as a kid (who wasn’t!?), I decided to add a little theme to the etch-a-sketch.